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Non-Violent Communication

Non-Violent Communication

Welcome to my NVC Resources page

Human beings have enormous power to enrich life. We can use words to contribute to people’s enjoyment, their wisdom. We can use words that can make life miserable for people. So our words are very powerful. We can touch people in ways that give great pleasure, great nurturing, support. We are powerhouses, and there’s nothing we enjoy doing more than to use that power we have to enrich lives. So isn’t it wonderful that we have this power and the joy it brings when we use it? That’s to be celebrated. Wow! And the more we celebrate that, the less we will be willing to do anything else.”
– Marshall Rosenberg

For those taking part in my NVC practice course, you can submit feedback on each practice session here. Please do so as it helps me fine tune the next sessions.

Recordings of lessons

N.B. These recordings are not necessarily complete as I sometimes forgot to un-pause the recording part way through. Sorry about that. Also, the files are very big. You might be better off downloading them rather than trying to stream them from this site.

Here are some useful NVC resources from the NVC Academy and the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.