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Here are some links to sites that I use regularly and/or rate highly. Please feel free to contact me if you want to recommend other links I could include.

The Listening Circle

A bi-weekly personal development group to which I belong. We currently meet virtually, but when world sanity returns we meet in Twickenham.


The Togetherness Manifesto

We’re for putting our phones down
We’re for dancing between playful & profound
And for breaking the world’s group spooning record
For blindfolded adventures
And surprise feasts on the tube
For taking a moment to stop
& in the silence hear our hearts whisper
For speaking the truth
For feeling whole, fierce & alive
For exploring, playing & creating
Without shoulds or musts
This is your permission
To witness yourself as you are
And to be unapologetically yourself
Welcome to the House of Togetherness
Welcome Home.

Rebel Wisdom

When our existing assumptions and ways of thinking break down, it’s the rebels and the renegades, those who dare to think differently, who are needed to reboot the system.

In these times of change, we can no longer trust the traditional media to make sense of the world. The old gatekeepers are losing their power. A new counter culture is filling the void, driven by a great intellectual awakening. Facilitated by new technology, it’s made a new kind of conversation possible; more in-depth, more open and more democratic.

Rebel Wisdom is a media platform founded by BBC & Channel 4 filmmaker David Fuller, and co-founded by writer Alexander Beiner. It is centred on the conviction that we are seeing a civilisational-level crisis of ideas, as the old operating system breaks down. The new is struggling to emerge – and the most transformative ideas always show up first as rebellious.

Ki Kai Shiatsu School

Ki Kai Shiatsu School has taught Shiatsu successfully for over 30 years and aims to:

  1. Offer the highest quality tuition in the skills of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.
  2. Make Shiatsu accessible to as wide a range of people as possible.
  3. Provide an open, co-operative, exploratory and supportive learning environment.
  4. Actively encourage the integration of Shiatsu into organised healthcare and as a service in community social health and well-being.

School for Experiential Education

The School for Experiential Education (SEED) is a centre for teaching Movement Based Therapies and Somatic Exploration. Our basic vision is that self-exploration can be joyful and playful rather than a serious process of ‘getting better’. If you try to control and manipulate yourself, your unconscious resists change, but if you play with your habits and patterns, and loosen them, then a natural and spontaneous process of development takes place and your body and mind move together in dynamic equilibrium.

The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy is a hypnotherapy training provider specialising in modern evidence-based, cognitive-behavioural theory and practice.

Mission Statement

  • To innovate by continually researching and developing the most effective and evidence-based approaches to cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy
  • To provide the best quality, most effective and most enjoyable training in hypnotic psychotherapy available anywhere in the world
  • To deal with students fairly, honestly and supportively, nurturing their therapeutic skills and helping them develop to their full potential as therapists